Nine types of Kaisoo that are casually ruining our lives

My feeeelsjajfjjajjvjensnv

OMG I Can’t klajaggahajakalajahgakag <3

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kyungsoo didn’t want to be in the middle

hahahaha poor baby D.O xD

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OMG sus brazos!!! :babas: <3

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Chenyeolieeeeeee &lt;3

Chenyeolieeeeeee <3

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OMG Xiumin luce tan guapo!! &lt;3


Not my edit
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OMG Xiumin luce tan guapo!! <3

Creep / Park Chanyeol


Chanyeol covering Creep by Radiohead

Your skin makes me cry
You float like a feather
In a beautiful world
I wish I was special
You’re so fucking special

But I’m a creep

ie how to smoothly get away with swearing on national tv x

Akahahjalaj <3


Hi guys ^^ we finally decided to get off our butts and do this long planned giveaway!!

We both tend to buy a lot of copies of the same album to support the artists and stuff, and now we moved in together and we have too many of the same album just lying around, so we decided to give some away, and sell some ^^

Anyway here are the things you need to know:

  • There will be 15 winners, each gets to choose 3 albums.
  • Each winner will get the photocard that came with the album, and a bonus one :D
  • It’s a giveaway for our followers so you have to be following us, we will be checking!
  • All winners get to choose 3 albums, it’s first come first serve, so whoever answers our message first gets to choose first
  • Reblog as many times as you want it will higher your chances ^^
  • We pay shipping to any and all countries
  • Likes do NOT count
  • For the Exo albums, you get to choose whose photocard you want ^^ we prefer you choose from the ones in the picture, but we have all of the members for all versions so if you win, you have to tell us who you want
  • If you are winner and what to know whose photocard comes with an album feel free to ask

Giveaway ends January 4th (we’ll definitely have enough money then to pay for the shipping ^^)

Now, what we will be giving away:

  • JJ Project - Bounce
  • B.A.P - Warrior
  • B.A.P - Power
  • B.A.P - No Mercy
  • B.A.P - Crash
  • B.A.P - Stop It
  • B.A.P - Stop It (Thai ver. its the same size as the No Mercy album)
  • B.A.P - One Shot
  • B.A.P - Badman
  • BtoB - Press Play
  • BtoB - Born to Beat
  • BtoB - Thriller
  • Vixx - Super Hero
  • Vixx - Rock Ur Body
  • Vixx - Jekyll
  • Bangtan - 2 Kool 4 Skool
  • Bangtan - O! R U L8 2?
  • Nu’est - Hello
  • Nu’est - Sleep talking
  • Fiestar - Vista
  • Teen Top - Summer Special
  • Ukiss - Neverland
  • Boyfriend - Boyfriend
  • Block B -Very Good
  • Infinite - Infinitize
  • Infinite - Paradise (Special Edition)
  • Infinite - Destiny
  • Secret - Poison
  • Secret - Yoohoo
  • G-Dragon - One Of A Kind (Gold ver.)
  • BIGBANG - Remember
  • B1A4 - Ignition (Special Edition)
  • B1A4 - What’s Happening
  • B2st - Beast is Best
  • Exo - Mama ( M&K ver.) X2
  • Exo - XOXO ( M&K ver.)
  • Exo - Growl ( M&K ver)
  • F(x) - Pinocchio
  • SHINee - Dream Girl
  • SHINee - Dazzling Girl (CD and DVD)
  • SHINee - Sherlock (Any member version)
  • SNSD - Mr. Taxi
  • SNSD - The Boys (Korean ver.)
  • SNSD - I Got A Boy (All member ver.)

That took a while but that’s it :D Good luck and we hope you win ^^

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